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Reinventing BSS: 100% custom, fully generated by AI

Powered by an intuitive conversational AI interface, BSS Magic simplifies the BSS creation process from ideation to launch using cutting-edge GenAI technology. Say hello to the BSS of your dreams, without the hefty price tag.

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Smart AI

Solve telco’s most challenging monetization problems.


Built for speed –from implementation to business impact.


Open new possibilities with an API-driven experience.


Bring the power of the public cloud to your business.

Unparalled Value

A SaaS commercial model – free to start, then pay as you grow.

Replace the status quo:

Totogi brings a fresh approach to monetization to drive increased ARPU. A cloud-based approach to deliver personalized plans.

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No rip and replace needed! Pilot Totogi live in days, not months with frictionless integration.

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Your 100%-custom BSS without the hefty price tag

AI'm Totogi - Your custom BSS, fully generated by advanced AI

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