The future of BSS

Meet fBSS

Smarter. Faster. Better.

Built with and for the public cloud.

Telcos have more data about customers than any other business.
Totogi unleashes its power.

future your BSS.

future your TCO.

future your Innovation.

future your speed.

fBSS™ is the only intelligent BSS stack. It delivers game-changing results.


Fast as f.

Building for and with the public cloud delivers blistering speed, scale, and security at the lowest cost.

100% API-driven

Leverages hyperscalers’ cutting-edge hardware, infrastructure and purpose built technology

Easy integration

Smart as f.

fBSS’s AI delivers game-changing advantages.

Executes independently and in human-assisted modes

Detects subscriber behavior changes and develops new hyper-personalized plans to increase ARPU or deflect churn

Uses competitive marketing and plan designs to increase plan effectiveness

Assesses likelihood of churn and engineers measures to minimize it

Open as f.

fBSS is designed to let you customize and integrate to anything.

Say adios to expensive change requests and professional services fees

Quickly code with cloud services

Modernize and integrate to legacy systems

Build new features and launch new services in days, not months

Affordable as f.

fBSS is built with and for the cloud. The financial benefits are dramatic.

Requires ZERO Capex

Up to 80% lower TCO

10x the performance at 1/10th the cost

Tangible business impact in days, not months

Webscale charging capability to handle charging for 100% of the world’s subscribers. Only pay for what you need and never buy capacity ever again. Learn More >

Automatic Plan Design
Grow ARPU and entice new customers with automated hyper-personalized plan design.
Churn Prevention
Action precise churn prediction with hyper-targeted marketing and plans.

OTT Marketplace
Easy pre-integrated and pre-negotiated OTT products to diversify and grow revenue. Learn More >

f your BSS today

f is for “Future.” What did you think it meant?
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