Get to market faster with an
AI-powered BSS

Quickly adapt to market dynamics and customer demands with Totogi’s AI-powered BSS platform on AWS cloud. Roll out new products in minutes and unlock new revenue streams without costly and lengthy change requests or upgrades.

Totogi BSS Platform

Grow your revenue, not your technology debt.

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Launch new products and services in minutes instead of weeks. Onboard partners in days instead of months. Simplify operational complexity to expedite time to market and grow painlessly.


Imagine a Business Support System with no change requests, upgrades or hardware to buy, only feature velocity as a standard. Totogi gives you all of this and more at a fraction of your current TCO.


Experience cloud-powered scalability. Forget hardware sizing and redundancy planning. Totogi’s BSS elastically scales cloud resources as needed. Disaster recovery is also in.


Differentiate with exceptional and hyper-personalized customer experience. Totogi’s AI-powered BSS empowers you to innovate & deliver engaging digital customer journeys.

BSS is no longer a bottleneck

A comprehensive business support system with Totogi’s Charging-as-Service at its core.

Your entire lead-to-cash journey, simplified

Experience seamless, intuitive, and efficient monetization, from subscriber onboarding to contract termination.

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Get to market faster with an AI-powered BSS.