Charging-as-a-Service on AWS: built for modern telco IT teams

Accelerate how you monetize your network by using Charging-as-a-Service on AWS, the only multi-tenant, public cloud-based online charging system available for telcos in the AWS Marketplace.

Benefits of Charging-as-a-Service on AWS for Telco

Build better with Totogi

Charging-as-a-Service on AWS frees your telco IT teams from managing infrastructure. There’s nothing to deploy. Combine Totogi APIs with hundreds of services from AWS (Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, etc).

Surpass AWS Well-Architected standards

Totogi joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) after an extensive AWS audit of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, sustainability, and cost optimization.

Reclaim your roadmap

Avoid the perils of expensive change requests by removing dependencies on your vendor’s upgrade cycle. Combine powerful charging and plan design services available only on AWS to supercharge your existing BSS.

Innovate faster

Maximize innovation by making your development teams more efficient. Feature velocity will improve, in-house developers will be happier, and business partners will be thrilled with the speed and capabilities of your telco IT teams.

How it works

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