Totogi Charging Engine

Built to handle the world’s charging volume

The Charging Engine is the core of our Charging-as-a-Service solution. Multi-tenant and serverless, the Charging Engine leverages advanced scalability that can handle the entire planet’s charging volume – giving you limitless growth potential.

Enter a new realm of charging possibilities

100% built in the public cloud

The first-ever charger designed and engineered from the ground up for the public cloud.

No hardware to buy

Move fast with multi-tenant, serverless charging. Nothing to buy or install. Connect to your network in days.

New pricing paradigm

Lower your TCO by up to 80% compared to on-prem chargers, with an industry-first, “pay as you go” usage-based pricing model.

Planetary scale

Scale to millions of transactions per second, covering a billion subscribers and devices.

Maximizing your subscriber growth potential

Eliminate inefficient and expensive data centers for a serverless, cost-effective world. Handle entire continents of subscribers and millions of transactions per second.

Witness the power of limitless charging

See how Totogi’s Charging Engine works and how we plug into your business.

The future of your business is one step ahead