Totogi’s PlanAi

Use the power of machine learning to create hyper-personalized plans

We’re building the world’s best AI-powered machine-learning models to help telcos tackle their biggest problem: monetizing their network.

Screenshot of Totogi Plan AI - a new campaign to review before deployment

AI insights give you huge revenue impact

Stop churn and increase revenue in just a few clicks. Totogi’s PlanAI uses machine learning algorithms to send auto-generated personalized offers to your subscribers.

Reduce Churn

Use your charging data to automatically detect and send offers to your most at-risk customers.

Boost ARPU

Target subscribers with hyper-personalized plans that measurably grow your revenue.

Time Matters

Quickly present hyper-personalized offers to points of action with our powerful APIs.


Stand out from your competitors by offering a personalized customer journey.

Demand for personalization

Consumers wanted personalization before the pandemic, now they expect it.
A consumer survey* from McKinsey found:


expect to receive personalized interactions from companies they do business with.


said personalized communications were key when considering a brand.


said personalized content made them more likely repeat future purchases.


are more likely to recommend a brand that offers personalization to friends and family.

Grow your revenue by using AI

See Totogi’s PlanAI in action and learn how you can use AI to generate hyper-personalized offers for your subscribers. Leverage your charging data to drive out churn and increase ARPU.

*Source: McKinsey Next in Personalization 2021 Survey