Revolutionize your customer retention

Prevent subscriber churn and unlock new levels of monetization potential. Our solution uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to deliver real-time churn scores and enable personalized retention campaigns for maximum ARPU growth.

Churn Prediction Servicee

Say goodbye to outdated churn models

Public cloud solution

The Churn Prediction Service is 100% built on the public cloud, eliminating the need for any additional hardware or software installations.

Accurate real-time predictions

Get real-time churn scores at the individual subscriber level, powered by AWS SageMaker ML models trained on telecom data.

Usage-based pricing

Pay only for what you use with Totogi’s flexible and affordable pricing model. Save costs on acquiring new customers by retaining existing ones.

Individualized campaigns

Personalize retention campaigns at the individual subscriber level and prevent churn effectively.

Monetize your data and boost customer retention

Totogi’s Churn Prediction Service eliminates the need for outdated manual churn models and replaces them with real-time, actionable insights to stop churn in its tracks.


Totogi launches Churn Prediction Service

Totogi launches Churn Prediction Service

Experience the future

Totogi’s Churn Prediction Service is currently only available to existing customers of Charging-as-a-Service.

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