Totogi connects

“Totogi is proud to join the community, alongside powerhouse brands in the global telecommunications industry. Our shared core belief is that universal connectivity, which provides access to information and opportunity, is a vital part of economic and social development – especially for students, refugees, women and underserved communities. 

The Totogi team is known for crushing even the most audacious goals, and we are eager to take on connecting the next 1 billion people. Together, we will bridge the digital divide – and by doing so, we will all benefit!”

Danielle Royston, Acting CEO, Totogi

Coffee for Connectivity

TM Forum’s DTW Ignite in Copenhagen (September 19-21) – Totogi is committed to supporting in their mission to bring internet technology to underserved communities worldwide. Providing essential connectivity to people currently lacking access to education, opportunities, and safety will help foster a world where everyone can thrive.

For each cup of coffee you enjoy at the SUPERCHARGED café, Totogi will make an additional contribution to bridge the digital divide.

Help bridge the digital divide

The internet is a vital part of economic and social development, allowing people access to opportunities, education, healthcare, financial services, and entertainment. Yet for over 3 billion people across the globe, “Googling it” is not even an option. is a non-profit organization 100% run by volunteers dedicated to addressing the global digital divide and promoting digital inclusion. Through strategic partnerships, advocacy, and grassroots initiatives, works tirelessly to ensure that everyone has equitable access to technology and the digital tools needed to thrive in the modern world. 

And YOU can help. Join us now!