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The Race to the Public Cloud is on!

Do you want operational agility, 80% TCO savings, and full control over your technical roadmap so that you can build any application in minutes (with NO vendor lock-in)? Welcome to digital transformation in telco.

Your CSP will outpace the competition when it adopts an Open API-based BSS system that fully leverages public cloud.

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Ride the Public Cloud Dragon (and Avoid Vendor Lock-In!) By Using TM Forum Open APIs

Listen to the uncensored version on-demand (it’s the one ‘some vendors’ DON’T want you to see)!

Today, telcos are locked into a BSS mess: inflexible, expensive systems that are not responsive to their business needs. Discover how a BSS based on the TM Forum Open APIs is easier to evolve, more flexible, allows for software upgrades, and allows CSPs to mix and match the best components from the best vendors.

Hard Talk Panel: Building the telco of the future: An operational roadmap to 2025

Tuesday, October 5 | 3:00pm- 4:00pm CEST

Our CEO Danielle Royston will join a panel with three other telco leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities that will face CSPs as they build the telco of the future. Some of the questions faced include: Do we face radical changes or can we simply evolve? How do we fully leverage new technologies? What transformation do we need to build complex partner relationships? How certain do we have to be on our strategic vision before we commit to an operational roadmap?

Workshop: Accelerating the adoption of new business models using Open APIs and the public cloud

Thursday, October 7 | 3:00pm – 5:00pm CEST

Join our workshop where the Totogi team will demonstrate how to leverage the public cloud, together with TM Forum Open APIs and Totogi’s BSS software, to code and implement any new functionality in minutes.

We’ll explain why telco IT leaders are trapped with their legacy vendors – their roadmaps, timescales, and expensive pricing, and demonstrate a path to a future where you can unlock your team’s ability to create any application on any cloud platform.

This workshop is invite-only, and spaces are filling up fast. If you are interested in participating, please email

Full-Throttle Virtual Happy Hour

Wednesday, October 13 | 6:00pm – 7:30pm CEST

Join our CEO, Danielle Royston, and telco execs from around the world for an unforgettable, Formula 1 style cocktail making class. Together, we’ll learn from a professional mixologist how to make speciality beverages that are sure to impress, while we usher in the future of telco – the public cloud!

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