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Beyond Barcelona:

Continuing the Conversation from MWC24

Totogi is winning new customers. See highlights from MWC24 to find out why!

Discover how Totogi is purpose-built to drive revenue where it matters most:

MVNOs & Digital Brands

Seize the reins of innovation and take your MVNO to the next level with Totogi’s AI-powered software.

Go-to-market faster, gain actionable insights, hyper-personalize plans, predict and reduce churn, drive higher ARPU, automagically create marketing assets, optimize pricing, and win CUSTOMER LOVE – all with the power of AI.

Totogi’s SaaS platform is easy to use and easy on your bottom line.

MNO Wholesale

Accelerate revenue growth in the wholesale segment with Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service platform.

Onboard new MVNOs in minutes and use Totogi Plan Design to craft and deploy offers autonomously, reducing the load on your team and increasing profitability.

Plus, Totogi’s API-driven platform provides easy integration and customization opportunities for your DevOps team.

Private Network Enterprise

Harness Totogi’s multi-tenancy capabilities for easy deployment of a specific monetization solution for each enterprise customer with a click of a button.

From university campuses to bustling ports, Totogi empowers your enterprise customers to create a variety of tailored charging plans and realize a return on their private network investment.


Unveiling the AI-first future of BSS

Our CEO, Danielle Rios Royston (“DR”), took center stage at GSMA’s MVNO Summit to discuss how adopting an AI-first strategy is key to driving innovation in BSS solutions, and demonstrate telco’s first fully AI-generated custom BSS!

Drive new revenue opportunities with Totogi

Are you ready to transform your telco’s trajectory with Totogi?

Discover how tools like including our new  100% AI-powered BSS platform, Charging-as-a-Service, Plan AI, and Whoosh! can solve your toughest monetization challenges.


Your 100%-custom BSS without the hefty price tag

AI'm Totogi - Your custom BSS, fully generated by advanced AI
AIconic mixologist

Guests joined us for an AIconic night filled with future-forward vibes. The exclusive event was held at the beautiful and historic La Llotja de Mar with:

  • Crafted specialty cocktails, a spectacle in mixology (more fun to watch or drink?)
  • Curated local wine and beer tastings
  • Copious and exquisite Spanish haute cuisine by Barcelona’s own ASPIC
  • Unforgettable entertainment and experiences
  • Beats spun by DJ Diva
  • And more!

Wed February 28 | La Llotja de Mar
Immediately following the MVNO Summit until 11:30 pm CET

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