Totogi at MVNO Nation Live 2023
Totogi at MVNO Nation Live 2023

MVNO Nation Live 2023

23-25 October 2023
Las Arenas Resort & Spa | Valencia, Spain

Can operators expose valuable AI technology to MVNOs? No way, José! Their legacy tech stack slows them down, and it slows MVNOs down, too. Unleash innovation by building your own tech stack – with modern, cloud-native, SaaS tools.

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MNO Wholesale

Courting MVNOs and digital brands? We can help!

Discover how Totogi’s multi-tenant Charging-as-a-Service can speed up your MVNO onboarding – from months to just a few days! Onboarding a new customer this fast means a dramatic acceleration in time-to-revenue. Who doesn’t want to monetize faster?!


Drive higher ARPU and reduce churn with hyper-personalized plans!

Totogi’s cloud-first, AI-powered, API-driven, SaaS-based monetization platform gives you the world-class, carrier-grade tools you need to act fast and dominate your market. It’s free to get started and then you’ll pay-as-you-grow.

SUPERCHARGE your MVNO with Totogi at MVNO Nation Live 2023

Keynote: SUPERCHARGE your MVNO with AI

Day 1 | 23 October | 9.10 am – 9.25 am

Our CEO, Danielle Royston (“DR”), is heading back to Valencia with another killer keynote to kick off a spectacular event for MVNOs.

Are legacy on-premise tech stacks holding your business hostage, stalling your innovative ideas? Discover:

  • How to break free from legacy tech’s grip
  • SaaS tools for agile innovation
  • Advancements in Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service and Plan AI
  • How to leverage subscriber data for AI-generated, personalized offers
  • How to boost ARPU and reduce churn with tailored strategies

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Strategies for Successful Marketing, Sales, and Churn Prevention

Day 1 | 23 October | 9.40 am – 10.15 am

Watch an engaging panel discussion with Kelly Green, Totogi’s Chief Strategy Officer, as one of the telco leaders delving deep into strategies on how to effectively acquire new subscribers, how to elevate your promoter score, the secrets to targeting potential customers in the right place and the right time and conquering remarkable conversion rates.

Get ready to revolutionize your approach to marketing, sales, and churn prevention.

Kelly Green, Chief Strategy Officer - Totogi

Seats are limited!

Harnessing the Power of AI to Conquer Churn

Day 1 | 23 October | 2:15 pm – 3.15 pm
Salon Olimpia

Churn: it’s our universal adversary, with an industry average of 5-7%. We know retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, so how should we combat churn?

  • Explore the impact and cost that churn has on your business
  • Discuss modern ways to address churn and take control of your business
  • Learn how to apply the lessons learned 

This event has now passed.

Event workshop

It’s time to SUPERCHARGE your MVNO

Use a world-class, carrier-grade BSS monetization platform to rev up your MVNO. Gain actionable insights, instantly create personalized plans for subscribers, drive higher ARPU, and win the ultimate prize – CUSTOMER 💜 – without breaking the bank!


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