Offer premium global brands to your subscribers

Bundling popular digital services in subscriber offers has never been easier. The Totogi Marketplace allows you to integrate pre-negotiated offers from over 90 global brands using a single API.

Choose from over 90 premium digital partners to grow your revenue

Every CSP wants to create commercial bundles with the world’s best known digital brands like Ticketmaster®, SoundCloud®, and Apple®. But so far, the process has been difficult. 

Totogi Marketplace frees up your commercial teams to focus on delighting customers. We do all the heavy lifting by negotiating the best offers from top digital providers. Just one integration with Totogi gives you turnkey access to an entire on-demand catalog – and the opportunity to create a new revenue stream and improve customer satisfaction.

The information on this page is not intended as an endorsement of Totogi by the listed companies.

Commercial benefits

Diversify revenue

Easily design and sell add-on packages using pre-negotiated offers (90+ partners and growing) from the Totogi Marketplace.

Delight subscribers with premium content

Deliver exciting offers with your existing voice and data plans. Subscribers can access the popular content they want.

One-time integration onboards partners at scale

With a single, simple integration point to the Totogi Marketplace, you can give subscribers immediate access to dozens of premium brand offers including Apple, SoundCloud, and more.

Increase subscriber engagement

Increase subscriber satisfaction and retention with a diverse choice of digital content from premium brands to become their go-to digital provider.

Get started in three easy steps

No more complex negotiations or waiting months at the back of your IT team’s priority list to provision partner offers.

Are you ready to be your customers’ go-to digital provider?