Use a world-class, carrier-grade Charging-as-a-Service platform to rev up your current BSS. Gain actionable insights, instantly create personalized plans for subscribers, drive higher ARPU, and win the ultimate prize – CUSTOMER 💜 – without breaking the bank! 


Use real-time AI insights to dynamically create personalized plans

Unleash innovation and grow your market – with our modern, cloud-native SaaS. With Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service platform, you can dig deeply into your subscribers’ usage habits in real-time and then dynamically create more personalized, compelling, and valuable offers for them – no MNO permission or IT support necessary. With new services launching from Totogi all the time, you will have the power to crush your competition.

Churn Prediction Servicee


Bring the cloud to your BSS

Don’t let your BSS vendor try to saddle you with burdensome CRs that come with huge price tags and long timelines to deliver the features you need. Because Totogi’s services leverage powerful public cloud technology that you can add to your existing BSS – all via an API call – it’s never been easier (or faster!) to plug in new services and craft superior subscriber experiences.


Start with our free tier

Then pay as you grow – Totogi offers usage-based pricing and scales seamlessly with your business. And all Totogi customers instantly receive the latest-and-greatest features automatically, so there are no upgrades (ever) and no surprises. Low risk. Huge rewards. Truly, there’s no reason not to give Totogi a try!


Launch your new digital brand in days

Watch our MVNO-in-a-box demo. ANTO, the AWS Native Telco Operator, is the first end-to-end MVNO solution built natively on the AWS service stack. Launch faster, with agility, and at a lower cost.

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