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Totogi unveils revolutionary AI-driven Plan Sidekick for transforming telco plan design

Totogi’s new patent-pending feature uses AWS Bedrock foundational models and generative AI to assist human telco marketers in the design of mobile plans.

AUSTIN, TX, December 19, 2023 – Totogi, the leading innovator in public cloud-native, SaaS-based telecommunications monetization software, proudly introduces a powerful new feature to its Plan Design product: Plan Sidekick, a generative AI co-pilot. This innovative, patent-pending feature empowers marketing teams at MNOs and MVNOs, revolutionizing the development of profitable subscriber plans with unparalleled efficiency and intelligence.

At its core, Plan Sidekick harnesses the power of AWS Bedrock’s foundational models and cutting-edge generative AI. It’s not just a copilot; it’s a paradigm shift in how mobile plans are designed, offering a blend of sophisticated global plan insights and business goals with intuitive language processing. The integration with AWS Bedrock allows organizations to select from a range of powerful AI foundation models while guaranteeing their enterprise data is safe from public training models.

Transformative Features of Plan Sidekick:

What sets Plan Sidekick apart is the integration of Totogi’s specialized telco knowledge into a robust plan database built atop advanced LLMs. Generated plans can be deployed and offered to customers in minutes.

“We’re not just introducing a new feature; we’re redefining how mobile plans are conceptualized and executed, bringing market intelligence and speed to telcos looking to get ahead in their respective markets,” states Danielle Royston, acting CEO of Totogi. “With Plan Sidekick we are charting a bold new course in the evolution of telco plan design.”

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Totogi’s world-class, innovative monetization platform is used by CSPs to generate revenue with services such as Charging-as-a-Service, AI-generated Plan Design, programmatic messaging services, and more. Born natively on the public cloud, telcos of all sizes can easily integrate new services to craft superior subscriber experiences and create new monetization pathways. Totogi offers usage-based pricing – a model that is catalyzing innovation in the telecom industry. Totogi is an Amazon Partner and is available to buy in the AWS Marketplace. Learn more at

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