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Totogi adds support for nine additional TM Forum Open APIs, solidifying rank as #1 vendor on Certification Leaderboard

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Austin, TX, 22nd September 2021 – Totogi, the company focused on building telco software for the public cloud, has added support for nine additional TM Forum certified Open APIs, bringing the total to 31, further cementing its top position on TM Forum’s Open API Certification Leaderboard.

TM Forum’s Open APIs are industry-defined, non-proprietary and used by thousands of software developers as well as many of the world’s leading CSPs, enabling interoperability, open digital architectures and seamless end-to-end management of complex digital services. By supporting TM Forum Open APIs, Totogi is supercharging digital transformation in telco, allowing carriers to quickly launch new services and easily mix, match and swap BSS vendors, liberating them from legacy lock-in approaches. And since Totogi BSS is built on the public cloud, it also yields significant savings (running at an expected 80% lower TCO).

The support for additional TM Forum Open APIs comes in advance of Totogi’s Digital Leadership Summit at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series: Accelerating the adoption of new business models using Open APIs and the public cloud. This invite-only session to be held on Thursday, 7th October, will give telco IT leaders tips on how to harness the power of standardized, Open APIs to unlock the potential of builders and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who can transform subscriber data into differentiated experiences, reducing churn and increasing customer love for your network and services.

“Earning the TM Forum Platinum Certification is a great achievement,” commented Danielle Royston, acting CEO at Totogi. “The Totogi team has certified nine new Open APIs, and 19 in Q3 alone, on our quest to certify all of them by the end of 2021. A BSS system that supports the TM Forum Open APIs is important for modern CSPs who want to be able to mix and match functionality from the industry’s best vendors and for nimble software development teams who want to develop new applications quickly. By supporting TM Forum’s non-proprietary and standardized APIs, Totogi BSS enables anyone to create applications and deploy them into any environment – most importantly, into the public cloud.”

Totogi is one of only two companies to have achieved Platinum Certification for conforming to Open APIs, and will continue to add to its current list.

About Totogi

Totogi builds telco software to fully leverage the power of the public cloud and is completely redefining how carriers engage with their subscribers to drive customer love. Totogi’s current offering provides communication service providers (CSPs) with two solutions – Totogi Charging System and Totogi BSS. Totogi Charging System harnesses the power of the public cloud to deliver real-time, webscale charging with unmatched performance; intelligent plan design with nearly instantaneous deployment; and AI/ML-driven hyper-personalization at scale. Totogi BSS is the world’s first pure cloud, webscale, open BSS that leverages TM Forum’s Open APIs to give carriers the agility and flexibility needed to drive more valuable subscriber engagement. The Totogi suite of products empowers carriers to acquire new customers, boost NPS, reduce churn, and grow ARPU. Because Totogi products are 100% built for the public cloud, they deliver unparalleled value with an unbeatable, usage-based price. Learn more at Totogi.

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