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Totogi announces general availability of the Totogi Charging System

AUSTIN, TX, MAY 24, 2022  – Totogi, the leading provider of public cloud-based telco software, today announced the Totogi Charging System is now generally available in all 26 regions of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Communication Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide can now take advantage of all the opportunities that a public cloud SaaS solution offers to unlock ARPU growth and solve critical business challenges.

The Totogi Charging System is the world’s first SaaS, multi-tenant rating and charging system created for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). Built exclusively on AWS, the Totogi OCS technology is capable of handling one million transactions per second (TPS) and approximately one billion subscribers in a single region, perfect as your MVNO solution.

The Totogi Charging System requires no CAPEX investment, as no on-premise equipment is required. It can connect to any 4G or 5G core, whether located on-prem or in another cloud. By utilizing the public cloud, the need for pre-provisioned capacity is eliminated and disaster recovery is built-in and available on-demand. Totogi offers an estimated 80% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to private cloud or on-premise deployment scenarios. 

A key differentiator with the Totogi Charging System is that it can be set up in days, allowing for CSPs of any size to pilot the system easily. Several operators have completed successful pilots and have been excited to experience the speed of deployment, the easy-to-use plan design system, and the reduced TCO.

What began as a cost-savings exercise compared to our legacy on-prem solution, quickly snowballed into our transformation into an MVNE. We’ve never seen a pilot completed in such an impressive time. After two years and multiple stalled projects with a legacy charging vendor, Totogi deployed [their charger] within 3 days.

Tier 3 MNO, EMEA

We discovered Totogi’s revolutionary approach to plan design, which allows our marketing team to design a plan in under 10 minutes using a simple and intuitive UI. We love how easy it is to use!


Totogi offers much more than just a charging system. Its approach to plan design is a game-changer, and allows us to bundle popular OTT partners such as streaming and travel offers from its Marketplace in minutes.

Tier 3 MVNO, Europe

The Totogi Charging System is priced by the transaction and based on usage, starting at USD $50 per million transactions. CSPs start with a free pilot and only begin to pay for the system once they exceed 500 million transactions per month. There are no hidden charges, and this cost is typically 50-80% cheaper than what telcos pay today.

“For decades, operators have been trapped with the incredibly slow project timelines and exorbitant cost of other telco charging offerings. With the availability of the Totogi Charging System on AWS, we have shortened the deployment time frame from 6-12 months down to a few weeks,” said Danielle Royston, acting CEO of Totogi.

“This announcement is another significant step in our $100 million investment to bring speed, scale, and lower TCO to telcos. After completing a number of successful pilots with customers, we are very excited to announce the general availability of the world’s first SaaS, multi-tenant charging solution to the market,” concluded Danielle Royston.

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 About Totogi

Totogi’s FutureBSS (fBSS) is the first intelligent, SaaS, and public cloud business support system for telcos. We are changing how carriers interact with their customers to drive customer love. Our visionary BSS is built natively on the public cloud, uses machine intelligence and deploys automated actions which enable CSPs to attract new subscribers, increase ARPU, and reduce churn. fBSS is architected in and for the public cloud and is fully API-driven, open, infinitely scalable, and simple to integrate. It operates at blistering speed, scale, security, and cost. Totogi’s pay-as-you-grow pricing plan makes it easy for any CSP to start and scale up as their commercial needs change. Learn more at Totogi.

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