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Totogi launches Marketplace, the one-stop-shop for digital partnerships

Simple API offers telcos access to pre-negotiated, pre-integrated deals from brands including Apple, Soundcloud and Ticketmaster

AUSTIN –  February 16th, 2022 – Totogi, the telco BSS company, announces the launch of Totogi Marketplace, a service that allows telcos to integrate pre-negotiated offers from over 90 global content and lifestyle brands, such as Apple Music, SoundCloud and Ticketmaster, via a single API. 

It’s easy for CSPs of all sizes to use Totogi Marketplace. They can start by accessing the Marketplace portal to browse and select from available partner offers for their selected region or country.  They can then design and deploy offers for their subscribers. The opportunities for bundling digital offers are endless. For example, they can create partner offers in combination with other mobile subscription benefits, such as allowing subscribers to access a service without incurring data usage; or offer free roaming data for customers who book a trip using a travel partner. 

One simple API call to their existing order management system means as subscribers select offers, telcos can use Marketplace to send out the offers to their subscribers using their preferred SMS or email tool. This seamless integration can help telcos attract new subscribers, grow existing APRU, and retain subscribers. A number of CSPs are already signed up for Totogi Marketplace.

“Telcos want to diversify beyond the basic connectivity services and deliver a rich variety of digital offers, the easiest way to do that is to partner with third party content and lifestyle brands, and offer their subscribers access to these services,”  Danielle Royston, acting CEO at Totogi

“Marketplace reduces the time and effort required for CSPs to design attractive offers, from months to just a few days. Totogi does the heavy lifting – from contract negotiation to simple integration via our cloud-based API platform – allowing CSPs to focus on their customers by providing a differentiated customer experience,” Danielle Royston, acting CEO at Totogi

The Totogi marketplace is available worldwide today. Visit our marketplace to learn more. Totogi will also be exhibiting within CLOUD CITY, a virtual showcase of public cloud innovation from TelcoDR, where it will be showcasing its latest innovations.

About Totogi 

Totogi’s FutureBSS (fBSS) is the first intelligent, SaaS, and public cloud business support system for telcos. We are changing how carriers interact with their customers to drive customer love. Our visionary BSS is built natively on the public cloud, uses machine intelligence and deploys automated actions which enable CSPs to attract new subscribers, increase ARPU, and reduce churn. fBSS is architected in and for the public cloud and is fully API-driven, open, infinitely scalable, and simple to integrate. It operates at blistering speed, scale, security, and cost. Totogi’s pay-as-you-grow pricing plan makes it easy for any CSP to start and scale up as their commercial needs change. Learn more at Totogi.

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