Why public-cloud-first design is the best decision an MVNO can make

Featured Guest | Episode 60 | Ahmed Khattak | CEO | US Mobile | Telco in 20 podcast

If you’ve visited Totogi on a few occasions, you’ll know how passionate we are about designing telco software for the public cloud. But when you meet someone who’s done it for his own MVNO, the pieces start dropping into place. 

Ahmed Khattak, US Mobile’s founder and CEO, is one such visionary who understood from day one the importance of cloud-native design. He hit the industry with hundreds of customised plans, incredible customer service and features that legacy telco can only dream of.

Listen to Danielle Royston, Acting CEO of Totogi and public cloud evangelist at TelcoDR interview Ahmed Khattak on the Telco in 20 podcast today and learn:

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