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Totogi achieves #1 ranking in record time on TM Forum Open API Certification leaderboard

Telco software innovator achieves Platinum Certification in just four months

Austin, TX, 13th September 2021 – Totogi, the company focused on purpose-building telco software for the public cloud, has achieved the number one ranking on TM Forum’s Open API Certification Leaderboard. Totogi reached Platinum Certification in a record time of four months since it certified its first TM Forum Open API in June 2021, and it becomes only the second company to achieve Platinum Certification for conforming to 20 or more Open APIs.

Totogi BSS is the world’s first pure public cloud, webscale BSS that leverages TM Forum’s Open APIs to give communication service providers (CSPs) agility and flexibility. Carriers that embrace the public cloud and an Open API framework can quickly and easily plug into pre-developed software solutions, scale services, save money, and ultimately provide real business value. The timescale to achieve the number one position illustrates Totogi’s clear commitment to TM Forum’s vision of enabling business agility, service innovation, and simplification of the entire technology stack.

“Since day one, Totogi has been fully committed to implementing the TM Forum Open APIs because a BSS based on Open APIs is easier to evolve, more flexible, allows for software upgrades, and enables CSPs to mix and match the best components from the best vendors,” said Danielle Royston, acting CEO at Totogi. “Our team has worked incredibly hard to achieve Platinum Certification and clinch the top position in a short time frame, as we continue our quest to support all certifiable TM Forum Open APIs by the end of the year.”

“Congratulations to Totogi for its Platinum Open API Conformance Certification. This highest level of certification demonstrates that Totogi has successfully completed the conformant implementation of at least 20 Open APIs that are critical to building new digital services and applications,” added George Glass, CTO at TM Forum. “We thank Totogi for their commitment to TM Forum and to the Open API standards that benefit the entire enterprise IT ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to see Totogi contribute to our member community on new concepts and innovations to improve our industry.”

TM Forum’s Open APIs have already been leveraged by 28,000 developers from 2,100 companies with 433,000 downloads worldwide. The Open API manifesto is signed by major global operators and vendors and the Open APIs are deployed all over the world. To date, 93 of the world’s leading CSPs and technology ecosystem participants have signed the Open API Manifesto, publicly demonstrating their endorsement and intent to follow TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs.

Totogi is a proud sponsor of TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series between 22nd September and 14th October. Totogi will be running a BSS workshop where it will demonstrate how to leverage the public cloud, together with TM Forum Open APIs and Totogi’s BSS software, to code and implement any new functionality in minutes. You can find more information and register for the workshop here.

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