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Totogi chosen to demonstrate capabilities of the DISH Wireless Network API in developer showcase

Totogi to demonstrate use case alongside eight other next-gen vendors at AWS re:Invent 

AUSTIN, TX, November 28, 2022  – Totogi, the leading provider of public cloud-based telco software, has been chosen as one of eight partners to demonstrate the DISH Wireless Network API capabilities at AWS re:Invent. Selected developers and technical influencers have been invited to ‘meet the expert’ sessions taking place on Tuesday, November 29 through Thursday, December 1, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The initiative is part of DISH Wireless’ recent announcement to build the first cloud-like API for telco by exposing its network function via APIs, allowing developers worldwide to experiment on its platform easily and efficiently. DISH believes that the next wave of connected apps needs control and visibility of the network. Rather than locking down the network, DISH Wireless is opening it up and turning over the keys to developers allowing them to control traffic, policy and routing, network observability, distributed compute, and wireless connectivity from any device to any cloud. 

DISH unveiled a developer website aimed at building a software development community keen to write applications for its new 5G network. The company is also hosting a “level up your dev” developer workshop in conjunction with the AWS re:Invent conference. The series of two-hour sessions is targeted at select application developers and technical thought leaders. Attendees can expect an early preview of how DISH Network APIs can be used for game-changing use cases and discover what it means for the next wave of connected applications. 

Totogi was selected as part of a group of next-generation software vendors that can be easily combined with the DISH Wireless Network APIs to create new applications. In addition to Totogi, other vendors presenting at the event include Cisco, Confluent, IBM, Macrometa, Oracle, Palantir, and Swim. Totogi’s cloud-first, open API Charging-as-a-Service product set allows programmers to easily create monetizable plans to charge fees based on network usage and events.

Danielle Royston, Acting CEO of Totogi, added: “The innovative approach by DISH Wireless is huge for the telco industry, and we are delighted to partner with them on this exciting initiative. DISH’s Network APIs work just like an AWS service, where the library of APIs provides the services you need to add connectivity to anything. Because DISH has built these services on AWS, you can combine connectivity with the AWS services you love to create new, powerful software applications.” 

“DISH Wireless’ vision to create an open set of Network APIs has similarities to Totogi’s mission: to create smart, telco-specific APIs that deliver valuable services, where you pay by the use, or in this case, by the API call. Totogi is delighted to be a part of this event with DISH and we can’t wait to see the response from the developer community.” concluded Royston.

If you want to learn more about the DISH Wireless network API offerings, interested parties are invited to sign up for the DISH Wireless Alpha Developer Engagement Program.

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Totogi’s world-class, carrier-grade BSS enhancement platform is used by CSPs and software developers to supercharge their current BSS with services such as charging with real-time usage insights, dynamic plan design, pre-negotiated marketplace offers, and more. Born natively in the public cloud, Totogi can scale up to 1 million transactions per second to instantly handle charging for 1 billion subscribers. Because Totogi is 100% API-driven, telcos of all sizes can easily integrate new services to craft superior subscriber experiences. Totogi offers usage-based pricing, with a free tier through 250k subscribers – a model that is catalyzing innovation in the telecom industry. Totogi is an Amazon Partner and is available to buy in the AWS Marketplace. Learn more at Totogi.

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