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Totogi demonstrates monetizable Private Enterprise Networks

Transforming 5G enterprise networks with the power of multi-tenanted private 5G systems

AUSTIN, TX, February 24, 2023 – Totogi, the leading provider of multi-tenant, public cloud-based telco SaaS software, in collaboration with AWS and Tech Mahindra, has successfully demonstrated a cloud-native 5G, private enterprise network (PEN) with multi-tenant charging capabilities. The solution uses Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service to show how Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can offer enterprise customers the ability to quickly deploy an affordable private network combined with access to carrier-grade charging functionality.

With Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service, an operator can now give its enterprise customers the ability to charge their end users for network usage on their PEN (B2B2X). As Totogi is a truly multi-tenant SaaS solution, it allows enterprises to create their own plans without impacting the operator’s current charging function or interfering with other enterprise customers on the platform. For years, enterprises have requested this capability from operators, but due to the complexities of traditional vendors’ single-instance, on-premises charging stack, it has been expensive and difficult to offer this valuable feature to their enterprise customers. Totogi’s public cloud SaaS platform and multi-tenant design are the key technical differentiators providing this functionality.

Totogi will highlight this powerful private enterprise network use case at MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 to March 2, 2023. For the demonstration, CASA Networks will provide the core network, ENEA will show their policy management, Tech Mahindra will supply the BSS platform, and Totogi will finish off the solution with Charging-as-a-Service.

“Operators worldwide are seeking ways to generate revenue from 5G networks through private enterprise networks,” said Danielle Royston, acting CEO of Totogi. “Previously, private networks have been difficult to set up; customers want turnkey solutions and they want to be able to monetize these networks on their own. With AWS and Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service, enterprise customers can use the public cloud to set up a private network and start monetizing it in a matter of days.”

To learn more, visit Totogi to set up a demo or schedule a one-on-one meeting with Totogi at MWC 2023. Experience the future of 5G enterprise networks and join the revolution today!


About Totogi

Totogi’s world-class, carrier-grade BSS enhancement platform is used by CSPs and software developers to supercharge their current BSS with services such as charging with real-time usage insights, dynamic plan design, pre-negotiated marketplace offers, and more. Born natively in the public cloud, Totogi can scale up to 1-million transactions per second to instantly handle charging for one-billion subscribers. Because Totogi is 100% API-driven, telcos of all sizes can easily integrate new services to craft superior subscriber experiences. Totogi offers usage-based pricing, with a free tier through 250k subscribers – a model that is catalyzing innovation in the telecom industry. Totogi is an Amazon Partner and is available to buy in the AWS Marketplace. Learn more at Totogi.

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Watch the demo: Monetize Your 5G Private Networks with Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service

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