BSS APIs for modern communications service providers

Accelerate your software development cycles by using an API platform purpose-built for CSPs.

Build better with APIs as a service

The Totogi API Platform frees your development teams from managing infrastructure for BSS software. Bring your team’s favorite development tools to work with our rich set of BSS APIs, then mix and match with hundreds of services from the public cloud.

Reclaim your roadmap priorities

Avoid the perils of expensive change requests by removing dependencies on your vendor’s upgrade cycle. Combine Totogi’s BSS API schema with your existing business systems and processes to create one easy to deploy, managed service.

Innovate faster

Maximize innovation by making your development teams more efficient. Your feature velocity will improve, your in-house developers will be happier, and your business partners will be thrilled with the speed and capabilities of your development teams.

How it works

Explore the APIs

Use our interactive developer documentation to read the catalog and experiment with the API calls.

Get authenticated

Grab an OAuth2 access token to call the BSS API schema.

  "AuthParameters": {
    "USERNAME": "",
    "PASSWORD": "Snack@tack83271"
  "ClientId": "s9gwjl9mbz4gsqqczdbagnvzjk"


Create any customer-facing experience using your favorite development tools in the public cloud.

Integrate without downtime

New code works seamlessly alongside your existing business operations systems.

Build an app with BSS APIs in minutes

Learn how to build and deploy a BSS application in less than 30 minutes 
directly from Totogi’s Field CTO, Marc Breslow.

Try out the Totogi API platform for yourself.

Request limited free access to our BSS APIs preview today.

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