Totogi BSS taps the transformative power of the public cloud to drive more meaningful – and valuable – subscriber engagement. The result? Dramatically lower costs, and NPS ratings that skyrocket from the 30s to the 70s!

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built for the public cloud
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Purpose-built for the public cloud

If you want to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies (databases, GraphQL, AI/ML, powerful analytics, services), then your on-premise BSS application is TOAST. And despite your vendors’ assurances, lift and shift won’t cut it, and Kubernetes is not even close to enough.

Your system must be built and optimized for the public cloud from the very first line of code – like Totogi BSS is. And we’ve designed our system to be completely open and extensible, giving you the freedom, flexibility, and agility you’ve always wanted.

Liberate yourself from the SQL slammer

The concept of a single, central database (read here: Oracle) was a good solution 30+ years ago when Amdocs was written. Storing data in a memory efficient, denormalized form with runtime queries was a great match for the memory, disk, and CPU of those days. 

There are limitations, however – using one database drove you to develop suboptimal hacks to map different data structures to Oracle’s format.

An even bigger issue is the rigidity of SQL. While this programming language allows easy and flexible runtime queries, it comes at the cost of having a fixed, predefined structure in the form of tables and columns. The moment you add custom fields, you have a big problem. And what CSP doesn’t have custom fields?

Stop fighting with your rigid and expensive SQL-based BSS that is hard to integrate, hard to upgrade, hard to customize, hard to adapt, hard to… everything. 

With the public cloud, you no longer have to accept the status quo. You can select a database with massive transactional performance for your charging needs, hierarchical and network data structures for your rate plans, huge ad hoc queries, in-memory transient data, and enormous, low-cost long-term storage with infrequent queries. And you can have it as a managed service, just an API call away.

So ditch the Oracle handcuffs, and bring on the flexibility, simplicity, upgradability, and cost-effectiveness of a NoSQL, Graph-QL-based BSS. Unlock your data so it can be used to drive improved subscriber experiences. Because in the end, isn’t that what matters – the customer?!

Fully API-based

When you think about BSS, you probably think of screens – thousands and thousands of highly customized screens. Today, telcos are locked into a BSS mess: inflexible, expensive systems that are not responsive to business needs. The best way around this screen-driven nightmare? An API-based BSS.

Because who wants another application full of spaghetti code that results from all the expensive customizations your vendor has been selling you over the years?! (NOT US)

Architecting from APIs means you can isolate your customizations so your BSS is easier to evolve, easier to upgrade, provides more flexibility, and allows you to mix and match the best components, at any time, rather than suffering from single vendor lock-in.

The telco industry has recognized that APIs are a better route for years, which is why TM Forum has published a suite of 60+ REST-based Open APIs. Totogi BSS has achieved #1 ranking in the TM Forum Open API leaderboard for conforming to over 20 TM Forum Open APIs, becoming only the second vendor to achieve platinum certification! But we’re not stopping there, Totogi BSS will support all TM Forum Open APIs by the end of 2021. 

Shockingly cost-effective

Historically, BSS systems have cost millions upon millions (did you read all that stuff about customizations?). Ask your vendors how much you can save using the public cloud – if they don’t say you can save up to 80% on your TCO, they’re not doing it right (we’re looking at you, Amdocs).

Totogi BSS delivers ALL the unparalleled benefits of the public cloud – including massive savings!

BSS Bootcamp

Train your team on how to do public cloud the RIGHT WAY. In our 12-week program, you’ll learn the secret sauce of the public cloud, the best ways to design API-based systems, and how to build and deploy applications on the Totogi BSS platform.


From its first line of code, Totogi is built 100% for the public cloud, so we can deliver unparalleled value at an unbeatable, pay-as-you-grow price.

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