Charging System

Meet the world’s smartest charging system
World’s easiest plan design
Infinitely scalable
Smarter than your 90s dumb charger
100% cloud-based - never buy hardware again!

Charging with a super-brain.

Your legacy charging system is the heart of your Telco. But there’s one big problem – it can’t think.

The Totogi Charging System is different.

We give your charging a super-brain by utilizing the best bits of Cloud, AI and ML to enable your charging system to make fast, intelligent decisions (on the fly) to directly improve your KPIs.


Tangible business impact in days, not months.

Get instant innovation that leaves your competition in the dust.

Grow subscriber relationships (& ARPU)

Proactively intercept churn

Intelligently detect & acquire new subscribers

Stop churn in its tracks


Built with and for the public cloud.

From the first line of code, our products are 100% purpose-built for the public cloud – with all the technical innovation, performance, agility, scalability, security, reliability, and cost-savings benefits that come with it. We believe by doing so, we can completely redefine how telcos engage with subscribers to drive acquisition, churn reduction, ARPU growth, and… customer love!

  • SaaS based, multi-tenant
  • Can scale up to 1 million transactions per second (TPS) instantly to handle charging for 1 billion subscribers – blazing fast!
  • Failover in minutes
  • Built with the security & data compliance of AWS
  • Super inexpensive ($0.00005 per transaction; free for first 250k subscribers)

Hyper-personalized plan design & deployment at scale.

With the super powers of AI/ML, Totogi enables you to create hyper-personalized, individually customized subscriber plans to boost ARPU, reduce churn and increase acquisition.


Turnkey OTT content and services

Pre-negotiated and pre-integrated premium services, for seamless bundling with hyper-personalized plans.

Learn more about Totogi today!

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