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We have applied the power of the public cloud to real-time charging and plan design to bring you the world’s most advanced charging system.
It all starts with Totogi Charging Engine – the first-ever charger designed and engineered from the ground up for public cloud for maximum technical capability.
THE CHARGING SYSTEM STACK: Charging Engine / Plan Design / Auto Plan

Charging Engine / Plan Design / Auto Plan

Don’t be fooled by other vendors out there claiming they are cloud-native, when all they’ve done is used Kubernetes and a relational database. There is simply no comparison.

Totogi leverages three key elements of Amazon Web Services in our technology:

Totogi Charging System is running across 6 data centers on 2 continents (so far!).

And here’s the kicker: even if an entire data center went down, Totogi would not drop a single transaction; and if an entire continent went dark, Totogi would lose only 1.3 seconds of missed charges – all while running 8x more throughput than Oracle’s best benchmark.

The best part? Cloud components bring a big reduction in cost. Totogi is 80% cheaper than private cloud, on-premise systems.

At one million transactions per second and climbing, Totogi Charging Engine leaves your old tech, on-premise charger in our dust!

We’ve committed to doubling this epic performance every six months, until we can concurrently handle every subscriber on planet Earth. Plus, someone needs to build a planetary charger for Mars – hey Elon, pick Totogi, we’re totally up for the challenge!


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From its first line of code, Totogi is built 100% for the public cloud, so we can deliver unparalleled value at an unbeatable, pay-as-you-grow price.

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