at Scale

In the ‘bad old days’ before public cloud, charging engines were slow and could only handle a limited number of rate plans – a nightmare for your marketing team, who has been forced to design one-size-fits-all plans, with a huge blast radius. Not anymore!

THE CHARGING SYSTEM STACK: Charging Engine / Plan Design / Auto Plan

We all know one-size-DOES-NOT-fit-all. But, with your legacy, on-premise system, you simply cannot segment and target your subscriber base the way your marketers want to.

But now, with the public cloud, you can  achieve pinpoint precision – at scale!

Ok, so you’re probably asking, “How can I actually design and implement so many tailor-made plans for each of my subscribers?”

Introducing Totogi Auto Plan. It does what it sounds like: automatically creates hyper-personalized plans for you – using the magic of the public cloud and all its glorious AI and ML, so you can:


To use Totogi Auto Plan, you need to first implement Charging Engine + Plan Design.
But you can try it now… with our AI Insights!

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