Instant pricing plans

Because Totogi optimizes for the public cloud, we are able to take a completely different approach to plan design, so you can acquire new subscribers, prevent churn, and crush your competition – without waiting for IT!

THE CHARGING SYSTEM STACK: Charging Engine / Plan Design / Auto Plan

Your marketing team is wasting valuable time chasing IT and then standing by for them to roll out new plans designed to go after premier customer segments. You’re crippled by your legacy on-premise plan design system, which is highly customized and completely dependent on IT for plan deployment – the whole process is as slow as molasses and you’re missing market opportunities.

Introducing Totogi Plan Design, powered by the public cloud!

Totogi is always and automatically scanning the globe, recording all existing rate plans from all CSPs – which means you can easily compare plans before you launch to accelerate decisions and increase plan performance. And Totogi can forecast uptake on any given plan, as well as the impact to your revenue and margin. Better intelligence. Better results. 

Once the team lands on the optimal new plan to launch, it can be created in minutes and rolled out to subscribers instantly – it’s that easy, that fast!


From its first line of code, Totogi is built 100% for the public cloud, so we can deliver unparalleled value at an unbeatable, pay-as-you-grow price. 

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