Offer premium digital content to your subscribers in minutes

Deliver any digital offer to your subscribers with a single API call in 5 minutes or less. 

Try out the Marketplace API for yourself by requesting a free trial.

Build with your favorite development tools

Your software teams can use their preferred development tools to work with the Marketplace API.

Onboard dozens of digital content partners

Subscribers get access to dozens of premium brands, including Apple, Ticketmaster, SoundCloud, and more.

Go to market fast with no headaches

Integrate with the Marketplace API seamlessly alongside existing business systems.

Access premium digital content for your subscribers in minutes

Learn how to access pre-negotiated offers from over 90 global brands with a single API in this 3-minute online tutorial.

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Step 1: Marketer adds offers using the Totogi Marketplace web app

Step 2: Developer uses Marketplace API to retrieve offers curated by marketing to promote in their online catalog, other digital channels

Step 3: Developer codes retrieval of activation links using a single API for any of the offers

Step 4: Developer pushes selected offers to subscribers using their preferred channel (SMS, push notification, email)

Step 5: Subscribers redeem offers for premium digital content on their favorite device

Try out the Totogi Marketplace API

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