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A Super App – think streaming, gaming, shopping and more… How many times do you open your favorite apps? That’s the key – frequent daily interactions. But with telco app ratings in the 3’s and NPS in the ’30s, you’re not delivering the experience your subscribers deserve. And that’s how you’re missing a HUGE opportunity. Turn your network events into valuable engagement.

Here’s the good news: You have something tech and app companies would kill for… They are competing for handset level data (when Apple isn’t trying to block them). But the network layer is where the real value lies.

So utilize your biggest asset – your network – to gain insights about your subscribers to drive valuable engagements. Who we call, which cell tower we connect to the most, the routes we frequently travel on what days and times – each subscriber generates hundreds of network events daily. You have zettabytes of these interactions… and Totogi will help you use them!

Totogi will apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the power of the public cloud to your network events data, helping you extract actionable insights to deliver hyper-personalized offers in real-time, at scale, in a 5-star mobile app experience.

Learn more! Watch our very own, Danielle Royston, in her recent talk during Mobile World Live’s MWC Themed Week.

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