Tier-1 MNO taps into the cloud, replacing Ericsson charging, in 4 weeks

In the dynamic telecom landscape of Middle East – Africa (MEA), a tier-1 MNO who is a subsidiary of one of the biggest telecom networks worldwide, faced the daunting challenge of maintaining uninterrupted service during a period of emergency. The stakes were high, with business continuity on the line and $12 million USD in revenue at risk each week.

Enter Totogi, the game-changer.

Why should a tier-1 telecom operator, pioneering innovation and customer satisfaction, grapple with the limitations of legacy systems and the high costs of disaster recovery?

The answer: it shouldn’t.

This case study unveils how Totogi’s cloud-native Charging-as-a-Service on AWS redefined the way to manage disaster recovery and offer business continuity as well as regulatory compliance. It highlights how Totogi was ultimately able to replace Ericsson and provide the charging production environment, transitioning them to a future-proof, cost-effective model, in only 4 weeks!

Dive into our case study to explore how this tier-1 operator leveraged Totogi’s modern solution to ensure business continuity, protect revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

Case study results