The world’s first Charging-as-a-Service

Charging-as-a-Service is a paradigm shift for telco. Go from client server monolith to modern SaaS platform. Instead of spending months of your team’s time just to set up your charging system, start monetizing your network instantly. 

Totogi Charging-as-a-Service

Future proof your business with Totogi Charging-as-a-Service 

Unlock unprecedented monetization, rapid experimentation, feature velocity, and planetary scale with Totogi’s revolutionary engine & plan design capabilities.

A whole new world of monetization

Bye bye churn. Hello ARPU

Engage your subscribers in real time. Get instant visibility into subscriber behavior and needs, then automatically deploy personalized offers to delight them.

Instant plan design (without IT)

Gain rapid competitive advantage, and achieve the fastest time to market. Totogi Plan Design lets telco marketing teams design and implement plans with no additional IT support required.

Pay as you grow

Totogi Charging-as-a-Service provides the lowest TCO compared to other on-prem chargers. Our pay-as-you-grow, usage-based pricing paradigm will unlock unprecedented telco growth.

Stop fighting the system, and focus on your subscribers

Stop spending months setting up your charger, then waiting on slow, unending upgrades and change requests. Get to business impact in days and never look back.

 Intelligent implementation, plugged right into your network

 With Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service, you can add a powerful layer of intelligence to your BSS with speed. Supercharge your rating capability to instantly impact your business KPIs.
Get started in minutes. Seriously. 

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