Use generative AI to create killer plans

Totogi Plan Design lets you create, test, and launch new plans without IT support. But even better, we help you design plans using natural language processing, from creation to marketing materials. It’s a revolutionary new product to hit telco.

 IT support? No need

Eliminate the weeks of back and forth with IT to develop, test and deploy new plans. Totogi’s user-friendly GUI allows marketing teams to unlock the power of experimentation.

Easily design plans with generative AI

Design with Gen AI

Totogi has built patent-pending technology to allow marketers to use natural language designed plans, all the way to creating marketing materials like banner ads and call center scripts.

Instant deployment of plans

Craft and launch competitive plans so subscribers can buy. Improve ARPU, accelerate acquisition, and reduce churn. Simply load and go.

Compare against competitor plans

Review competitor plans without the research time. Totogi puts existing rate plans from all CSPs at your fingertips. Compare, design, and go faster than ever before.

Automatic commercial margin

Hit KPIs and ensure plans meet commercial margins with automated configuration. Totogi cuts out manual calculations with a commercial margin calculator built in.

Move with speed

Get new plans configured and deployed with precision and without the development time.


Listen now to understand the power of rapid iteration

Learn how Totogi Plan Design lets telco marketers move fast and stay in control.

Unlock the power of AI for plan design