Think you can’t use the public cloud?
Think again!

Thanks to a changing regulatory landscape, public cloud providers have solutions ready to meet your data sovereignty requirements today.

The public cloud presents a huge opportunity for telecom operators to improve the subscriber experience, reduce churn and gain operational efficiencies with OCS technology. What prevents them from taking advantage is an incorrect assumption that they can’t use the public cloud due to data sovereignty regulations.

Today, data protection authorities around the world are changing regulations to allow data transfers. 

Totogi’s software is purpose-built for the public cloud and enables telcos to provide a secure environment for business-critical workloads while meeting local compliance requirements.

Don’t give up on the great flexibility, scalability, revenue, and cost-saving potential of the public cloud because of preconceived notions about data regulations.

Download the white paper and share it with your colleagues so you can start embracing the full functionality of the public cloud, like many of the world’s biggest telcos already do.