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Mobile World Live interviews Danielle Rios Royston at MWC24

Dive into the heart of mobile technology innovation as Danielle Rios Royston, acting CEO of Totogi, discusses Totogi’s showcase at MWC 24 in Barcelona, including its revolutionary approach to BSS with generative AI, strategies for customer retention through AI-driven insights, and the unforgettable AIconic party that’s set to be the highlight of Barcelona’s social scene.

Mobile World Live interviews Danielle Rios Royston (DR) at MWC24


Justin Springham: I’m in the Mobile World Live studio at MWC 24, Barcelona, with Danielle Rios Royston, acting CEO of Totogi.

Danielle Rios Royston (DR): Oh, it’s great to see you. It’s always good to see you.

Justin: MWC must feel like a bit of a second home for you, right?

DR: You know, nothing will really replace 2021 in Cloud City, and you know, I walk by that stand and remember Bon Jovi. I mean, that day was epic for both of us. You interviewed Elon, and I had Jon Bon Jovi right after it, so I think that day is a very special day for both of us.

Justin: Yeah well let’s talk about this year, MWC24. What are you going to be showcasing?

DR: Well, I think there are kind of three things that we’re focused on. So, obviously, exhibiting, we’re in Hall 2. We have a beautiful stand; people should walk by just to see it, and so we’ll obviously have product demos and meetings and all that stuff.

Totogi's amazing booth at MWC24
Totogi’s amazing booth at MWC24

And we’re usually also in the AWS stand as well, and we have a kiosk there, so that’s really great. They’re a big partner of ours.

Number two, I’m talking at the MVNO Summit. I’m kicking off the event; it’s on Wednesday at 16:00 right in Hall 8 – like, put me in the parking lot! But yeah, it’s going to be a really, really great event.

And then after the MVNO Summit, we’re throwing an AIconic party, the big AI theme, and I think it’s going to be the best party in Barcelona on Wednesday night.

Justin: So keep an eye out! The invites are like gold dust.

DR: It’s going to draw people at the talk, you know, the 30-minute walk to the party; we’re actually having buses waiting outside, so you don’t have to trek all the way back to the South Entrance. It’s going to be amazing.

Justin: Let’s just take a step back because obviously, you came onto the scene, the telco software scene, with charging. How’s that progressing?

DR: It is going so well, and the things that it wasn’t really just about charging in the traditional way that we think about charging, but really even back then, adding AI to charging. And so, charging has amazing EDRs as we all know. Tons of amazing data.

We’re applying machine learning and AI to that problem to really get revenue uplift, and so we’ve been working on it for years – that ML model, the accuracy in churn prediction is eking up to 87%, which is…you know, I sort of think of it as world-class at 90%, so it’s really a goal of ours. But we can predict churn six weeks in advance, and I think that really gives operators, CSPs, the opportunity to really intervene with a customer that’s having a bad experience, thinking about leaving the service, and it costs, I think, 5 to 10 times more to go get a new customer rather than doing something to keep a customer. So this is a really big opportunity.

Everyone’s wondering where the money is in 5G, and I think it’s going to be in AI.

Justin: And of course, yeah, talking of that kind of leads us nicely into your new product. You’ve got BSS Magic as well. Tell us about the magic behind that.

DR: Yeah, so BSS has always had this problem of being really slow and expensive. It’s highly customized, right? People really want to make it do, you know, follow the workflows that they really want.

And you know, we started toying with this idea at Cloud City, and the idea that has less BSS and doing cool stuff but couldn’t really put the package together. When generative AI came about, this was the secret sauce that we really needed. So the idea is 100% custom BSS, all generated, the entire code, entire application, generated with code generators and generative AI. So there is this really cool avatar, and we’ll be demo’ing in our stand, and I will be talking about at the MVNO Summit. I really think it’s this new opportunity for telcos to get three things: exactly what you want in a highly customized BSS, get it super cheap, and get it really fast, and all three have never been able to be pulled together before. But with generative AI, it’s possible now, and so that’s BSS Magic.

Justin: Very cool. Hey, you’ve mentioned it a couple of times; we’ll end on this note. You are obviously very excited about your keynote at the Summit. Give us a little bit of a teaser about what’s behind it.

DR: It’s going to be amazing. So, I’m really setting up this idea of BSS Magic, right, these three things coming together.

I think you’ll see a lot of BSS vendors out on the floor in the next couple of days talking about adding chatbots and co-pilots and AI features to their existing products, but I haven’t really heard of anyone doing what we’re doing, which is generating the entire application through generative AI.

I’m demoing it on stage live which is always like a little bit of a testing thing! Don’t screw that up DR! No pressure? Exactly!

So we’re really excited about that, and like I said, you know, I always like to throw in a great party. I’m a great hostess, so we’ll have awesome snacks and drinks before the event. Kind of a little lubrication, and if anything goes bad, people will be very forgiving, and obviously our amazing party. Like I said, I think it’s going to be one of the best events in Barcelona on Wednesday night.

So everyone, I hope you have a chance to come join us. Please come to my talk. 350 people. I think more than 350 people have already registered.

Justin: It looks like you are set for a very fun week DR. We wish you a fantastic MWC.

DR: It’s always great to see you and talk to you, and thanks so much.

Justin: Likewise DR, thanks very much