Live with TelcoDR: The problem with OTT offers

25 January 2022 – Danielle Royston and Justin Springham chat and answer questions about ways to accelerate your growth with your subscribers in a short 20-minute LinkedIn Live interview.

Have you always wanted to use partnerships to grow your ARPU?

Listen to Danielle Royston, TelcoDR Founder & Acting CEO of Totogi, talk about how she is helping CMOs all over the world launch OTT offers to their subscribers in days.

The process is difficult for two reasons: signing up partnerships with global providers such as Apple, Netflix and Spotify, and getting your IT department to integrate these services.

Totogi Marketplace lets you skip the complex negotiations and the months of waiting. Just one integration gives you turnkey access to an entire on-demand catalog of over 90 premium global brands!

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